Friday, August 31

Projekt Core: Scibor Moscals

I have had some momentum with Projekt Core these days. This update is about more infantries; but from Scibor Miniatures this time. Scibor have this product line called Moscals, which are evil dwarfs in their own right. I already had some of their miniatures, like the Taurus Lord, a Shaman & Snails set which are used in my first destroyer's diorama and a hero. Although I am not a fan of resin and not comfy when working with it, Scibor's minis are just too good to turn my back to.

OK, so the miniatures here are a set of Moscal Boyars accompanied by a Knyaz of Boyars, a champion mini. They come with their own scenic bases and I used them here. As a Scibor tradition, the upper part of the axes were cast separately for the boyars. Knyaz's helmet's horns and shield also came separately. While working on them, I really had a hard time and ended up damaging a couple of axes when taking them out of their sprues, so be very careful when working on them.

I'm full of praises when it comes the quality of the models. They are highly detailed models with little to none flash. Although their poses are very much like the king of spades, god, they have the most awesome beard sculpts. Loved them... Speaking of the poses, some of the boyars' poses are so suitable for being a standard bearer, so make sure you consider them if you are planning to add some banner bearers to your forces.

I was not planning on doing conversion work on them, but since it was time to start the third dwarf regiment, I decided to convert one of them into a standard bearer as I mentioned above. I used a banner pole and flail bits from the WoC Marauder box and the bull icon was from Forge World's command set. I think it turned out OK.

When painting, I used my standard bronze scheme for most parts. The only parts I gave some thought were the furs on the cloak and the bull icon on the standard. For furs, I drybrushed khaki (heavy) and bone (light) over a black undercoat. For the bull, I basecoated with bronze, washed with black and highlighted with bronze and gold. The eyes of the bull have a green gem pattern; but I think the photos don't show it.

Overall, I am pretty happy how these guys turned out. OK, maybe I should have got rid of the furs, since they are basically standing on lava; but I couldn't bring myself to do it. The minis are very high quality; but their prices are also at 3,50 gbp per model range. That's almost FW pricing, so I think most people find it very expensive to draft these guys in their forces. But they came with their own scenic bases, which makes their prices a little bit more justifiable.

All the good words I said about their quality, I can't say for the box the minis come in. It's just a blister containing the bits and a piece of color printed paper with an image not even belonging to the product. Needless to say, there were no safety or building instructions either. I really think that Scibor should work on the packaging; but as I noted when I was writing about the Taurus Lord, Scibor products are not sold here in Turkey. So there is a chance that there are attractive packagings for hobby store shelves and what I got was just a version to be sold online.

Here are some photos of the guys and a comparison shot with a FW fireglaive guy. Enjoy...


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