Monday, April 30

Spreading the Word in Style: Sorcerer-Prophet on Great Taurus

First of all, sorry for the lack of updates. I was out of the town to attend to MetuCon, the biggest convention in Turkey. We played a mega-game with Mr.Lee there: A 6k pointer dwarfs vs his infamous green horde; but more on that later...

Now, here I have a sorcerer-prophet on great taurus figure for you this time. This kit is from Scibor Games and it's called Moscal General on War Bull. A truly awesome model, way better than Citadel's OOP great taurus model in my opinion. To be honest, I'd even choose Scibor's over ForgeWorld's Bale Taurus; but I've never seen it in person, so no more comments on this...

Let me talk about the miniature itself first. It's a no-brainer choice for any chaos dwarf general who wants to field a mounted sorcerer lord. It looks cool and affordable among the other alternatives, so I think that it is selling quite nicely. The packaging however, was very poor. Thrown in a box with no protection other than a couple of ziplock bags, the packaging neither does justice to its contents nor helps it to brave the dangers of international shipments. One of the legs of the taurus was broken when it arrived to me; but the packaging was so bad that I was just grateful that it was only a leg what was broken.

Rambled enough already... OK, this beauty stayed on my desk more that enough so I decided to finish it asap. Finished it on last friday and even managed to field it in a couple of games on saturday. As you can see from the stock photos, no conversion work done on the mini, it is beautiful as is... The building of the mini was fairly quick. Although there are 8 pieces plus the body, they caused no problem at all. Just a warning for you though: Be careful when removing the wings from the sprues. The parts which connect to the sprue might get damaged and you might lose some of the details easily otherwise.

As for the painting, I really can't remember how many layers there are... really... Basically what I did was something like this: For body, the "hottest" part is the inside of the taurus, right? So, I started with a white undercoat and then painted the mini to a very bright yellow. Then I highlighted my way up: darker yellow, orange and three different reds, the final being the mechrite red. For the wings, the hottest part is the parts which are closest to the body, so I used a phoenix-like painting there.  I think it turned out quite well, although I've never done anything like this before. Oh, and if you haven't done any Hot Wings or KFC jokes when reading this paragraph, gratz to you... :)

Remember I noted that I took this beast to a couple of games on saturday, right? OK, while I was playing, one of our club members noticed the figure, then came and asked me:

Guy - Is that a flying bison over there?
Me - Why, yes? Why are you surprised?
Guy- I find it weird for hairy animals to have feathers on them...
Me - ...? :: roflmao ::

So anyways, enjoy... Hope it was worth the wait.


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