Wednesday, April 18

Murder King: Whipper Unit Filler

In my last post, you read me rant about the ForgeWorld Infernal Guards, especially about the ranking up bit. I thought, the only way to make it right was preparing an unit filler and distribute the troopers around it. So I went on and did a big one, which is 60mm square. Normally I make 40mm unit fillers; but I can't stress enough how disappointed I am with this ranking up issue.

So, what do we have here? It's a slaver & slayer scene. I shamelessly "borrowed" the idea from Abecadar who is a Chaos Dwarfs Online user. The idea was just too good to pass. Not entirely happy with the end product to be honest; but it is as good as it gets.. for now... As for the ranking up issue, it's still there :( This time, I am to blame I think...

Below are some photos of the unit filler. I also took one with some troopers around it. Enjoy.


Anonymous said... [Reply]

Where is the thanks section

BuRock said... [Reply]

sorry mate, i forgot it.

a big thanks to my dear friend Alkım, who was kind enough to hand over his slayer to me.

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