Monday, May 7

Heavy Industry Move: Chaos Hellcannon

Previously I wrote that I need to focus on the cores, right? See, core troops are overrated :) Until the point that you are unable to field an army due to the lack of them that is. Jokes aside, since The Legion of Azgorh is an elite army list, I opt to field minimum amount of core troops allowed. All the killer troops are in special and rare categories and that's where your points should go if you want a competitive list imho. With a new league in horizon at my club, I decided to add some more punch to my army, broaden my selections and possibly confusing fellow competitors about what I can field. Also, enslaving daemons in huge piles of metal sounds pretty cool ;)

I got this miniature from an eBay deal and it was a bargain. Yes, I'm an eBay addict and seriously thniking on founding an instution like Anonymous eBayers (AeB?). I think it can be a thing. Anyways, as you can see, the kit is missing some decorative bits like the ones that tie the monster to the ground; but all the necessary parts were there. I'm telling you, it was a bargain :)

I wanted a dark, worn look on both the machine/monster and the crew, hence I was even harsher with my washes. The chassis of the hellcannon is painted with the same recipe with my infantries and the metal parts are boltgun washed with badab then HLed with boltgun again and mithril. The soul cages, heh... soul cage... funny saying, I painted them to Deep Yellow (vallejo) first as an undercoat. The I washed them with Baal Red just a little. The HLs of the souls/skulls were done with Golden Yellow first and White later. Nothing special with the crew, except that I liked how the dark skin on them turned out. I also made them removable with magnets beneath them. Nothing fancy to be honest. After I did them, I noticed that the wounds of the hellcannon are not counted with the remaining crew, so it's kind of dumb; but it is what it is...

That's pretty much all about the hellcannon. So, onwards to the ranting section. Recently, I noticed that I developed an allergy to Pattex, the super glue I have been using. Hence, I wear a mask all the time; but even that doesn't help at times. This reduces my productivity seriously, so I'm looking for a solution. I've checked the other super glues in the market: Bison, Scotch and a few local ones but it seems they all use the same active agent: something cyanide if I am not mistaken. I wonder if there is anyone out there who suffers the same reactions and is there any substitues for super glues. Oh, and since I am still ranting, I must say that the weather started to get awfully hot here. Last time I checked it was 29 degrees celcius (84 fahrenheit), significantly higher in my balcony where my workbench is. Oh well, what can you do sometimes, right?



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