Thursday, May 24

Mega Game at MetuCon'12

MetuCon, Turkey's biggest RPG gaming convention took place last month. I and my usual gaming buddy Mr. Lee were there to play a big game: A 6000 pointer. I know it is not THAT big to begin with; but keep in mind that we both traveled some 600kms with our armies, terrains, mats and other stuff to make it happen.

Greenskin deployment (!)
The game was an epic battle between  two races which hated each other since the beginning of the time: My dwarfs vs. Mr. Lee's green horde. There were about 850 miniatures total on the table plus the scenery. Before the game, we both feared that deploying so much stuff could make the gaming experience suffer and whatnot; but it turned out to be the opposite. We both were fairly quick during the setup and deployment, within less than one hour, all the minis were unpacked and were ready on their trays, the table setup was complete and the regiments were deployed. The greenskin deployment was state of art especially. They barely fit on 4x12' battlefield :)

We were ready to start the game by 11:30 or so and there was already a crowd around the table. During the entire game, we had bystanders, question askers, jokers and all kind of weird guys; because you know, it was an RPG convention. Jokes aside, it was very nice to see the crowd around us who were interested in the game although most of them had no clue about wargaming. As you can guess, lots of trash talks and taunts (even some Shakespearean ones) happened during the game. Being a gentleman, I won't be sharing them here of course; but I'll just say that Mr. Lee has some voice recording from that day. That's all I'm saying.

An overview of battlefield
The game itself flew quickly too, by 6 pm we were packed up and ready to go. We both didn't know what we were doing exactly and more importantly didn't have a solid plan or didn't have a plan to begin with. Lots of dice rolled, lots of "I swear too much" incidents happened and in the end we had smiling faces and hurting backs. On Mr. Lee's blog, you can find the the army lists and the battle report (Part 1, Part2)

The only thing I would have liked to do about that day was printing some posters and flyers about our game. We had an idea of printing somethings like an old classic boxing match advertisement between BuRock vs Mr. Lee and handing them over to the convention crowd; but we just couldn't make it. It would have been a good remembrance from that day. Well, next time then...

Here is an album that contains photos from that game. Some ours, some from the crowd's cameras. Enjoy...


Mr. Lee said... [Reply]

Indeed it was a good time.. but your a bit late in publishing this arn't you? :)
Will have to set something like this up one more time.. was too epic not to!

BuRock said... [Reply]

how about this weekend? :)

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