Wednesday, May 30

Kickstarters from Mantic Games and Avatars of War

It's time to spread the world a little. Mantic Games and Avatars of War both have started kickstarter campaigns to fund their upcoming product lines. In geek community, this method is generally used by sculpters to fund for their initial costs or by some idealist who is trying to return something back to life which is OOP.

When they announced the kickstarters, the community responded with a mixture of ideas. The attitude is generally supportive until now; but there are some ideas that those companies are already well established (especially Mantic), hence they should be funding for their own products.

Mantic's kickstarter worked wonders for them. They were asking for only $5,000 where they had that amount in just 4 hours. That was quite unbelievable. They went on to introduce some more stretch goals afterwards and they were smashed in no time one after another. By the time I am writing this, they were at $46,113 from 290 backers. The only stretched goal remaining is the $50k mark unless they define new ones. There are 25 more days until this kickstarter ends; so it's just a matter of time that stretched goal is achieved. UN-FRIGGING-BELIEVABLE...

On the other hand however, there is Avatars of War's kickstarter, which is not doing that good. Their pledge amount is $20,000 and by the time this lines were written, they were at $3,480 from 31 funders. To be honest, they are doing alright too, by collecting that much of a money within 2 days. I think the success story of Mantic's overshadowed theirs. AoW also promise some cool stuff to be put in production if this pledge is achieved, including an army of undead werewolves! My English fails me there to define such a coolness... :)

So, that's pretty much it. See the kickstarter pages to see what they promise to do if they achieved their pedge and what is in it for you. Go on, support them and be a part of this. AoW guys need it more currently; but why not support both, right? Back to you Robin...


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