Tuesday, August 28

Projekt Core: Infernal Guards with Fireglaives

Projekt Core continues with yet another update; but no hobgoblins this time. As I promised before, here is some Forge World stuff this time, in form of fireglaives.

Although I don't use fireglaives in most of my lists, I had 10 of those guys lying around. During a weekend of extreme laziness, I decided to get them over with. The bodies and arms of the miniatures are the same sculpt with their hand weapon & shield counterparts, meaning the only differences between the two kits are the hand and weapon bits. A good example of reusability from FW's side there.

The miniatures were OK, nothing too fancy with them though. Building them was very straightforward as you can guess; but you have to be extremely careful with the cocks of the rifles. A couple of them were snapped off already and I fear that it may easily happen during occasional gameplay. My biggest problem with FW minis, ranking up, wasn't really an issue this time due to their "Guitar Hero" poses. Whether you can play it with ten guitarists or not remains to be a mystery to be solved though.

While painting, I used the same recipe for the bronzes again: 3 heavy washes (sepia and flesh twice) over a silver undercoat. The rifles were done with silver undercoat again, followed with a black wash. Then finished with boltgun and mithril highlights respectively.

The worst part is, I am out of painted bases again and will have to prepare some more, argh...!


Karring said... [Reply]

I like your scheme a lot, man. Really original and awesome.

BuRock said... [Reply]

thanks karring. i am looking to do some tweaks on my current scheme. will share the results soon.

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