Monday, March 5

A Fistful of Infantries... and a Hero

Scibor Hero

İzmirCon is nigh... It is mainly an RPG event; but also hosts various wargaming activities. In the last two years, there were WHF tourneys. I only joined once because I was staff the other time; but generally, the tourneys in İzmirCon tend to be fun events.

This year, I plan to take my chaos dwarfs to the field; but it seems I'm still some way away from making it happen. With 25 days to go and only 30 or so infantry models are ready, I decided to turn my attention to infantries. I haven't prepared my list entirely yet; but either way this amount won't be enough for me to field a 2k force.

Long story short, I have 7 more infantry models ready. Mantic figures again, with some minor conversions here and there. Also, I painted a hero model from Scibor. This was also my very first resin model. I must say that I find it very interesting to work on resin. Since I had no idea about how to handle resin, like how to clean the mold lines, how to cut it even, I tried to work slowly with this model to prevent any damage. In the end, it turned out to be OK. It is light, even lighter then the plastics maybe; yet durable. But I think it needs to endure long years of gaming to fully earn it. I guess I will live and learn.


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