Thursday, March 1

First Complete Regiment: K'daai Fireborns

Hunchback of
Time passes so quickly fellas. I just noticed that it has been 3 weeks since my last update and I was like, wow... Now I won't claim that I am not a slacker; but this time my laziness was not the sole factor for the lack of updates. I spent more than half of the last 3 weeks out of town for business trips, so I am just glad that I managed to do this many.

While my work on the infantries goes on in the background, I decided to go on and finish the k'daai unit once and for all. There were still a couple of them left on my workbench, which made my k'daai regiment 6 strong. Just about the right size I believe...

Bragging Guy
These two miniatures are from two different manufacturers. The hunchback guy is Eastern Front Studios' Lava Elemental miniature from Dungeon Crawl line. The bragging guy is Colossus from Heresy Miniatures. Both are multi-part metal miniatures: Only fitting for a metal head like me, heh... There were minimal flash on them and the pieces fit together fairly well. As a result, it was not a big pain to put them together. Guess I was lucky this time...

The painting for these guys was fairly straightforward: Start with black undercoat, then wash with Blazing Orange first and then with Golden Yellow. Just make sure that, after washing, both of the colors show in the cracks. Then drybrush with a mixture of Chaos Black and Fortress Gray. After that, I just picked a few points which were the deepest parts as "really hot spots" on the minis. I needed to touch this spots with a mixture of yellow and white. That's pretty much it. The base though, I painted separately, following the method I explained in lava base tutorial.
Rock Smash Guy

When I used this painting method for the first time, I had used pure black as drybrush color, which made the miniatures look very dark and dirty. Hence, Mr. Lee offered me that lightening the drybrush color may do wonders there. Going from there, I adjusted my drybrush color and in the end, I was so happy with the results that I also repainted one of other k'daai models I painted before: The Rock Smash Guy.

So, that's my first complete regiment: Six fiery k'daais to fry the enemy alive. Enjoy...


Mr Saturday said... [Reply]

Nice unit, I like the basing, it's strong enough to unify a pretty diverse group of minis, which subsequently look really good as a regiment. I'm still planning on using converted war jacks for my K'daii, back from when I was using the Indy GT list.

BuRock said... [Reply]

thanks for the comments matey. I agree that, as a regiment they look better and more importantly, coherent. I had my worries about the coherency, since the miniatures were from different companies; but in the end I think they turned out decent.

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