Wednesday, February 8

I Bring Fire: More K'daais

Ta-daaa... Yeah, changed the looks of my blog a little. I hope you like it that way. I just thought it was time for a little change so, bear with this theme for some time... please...?

So anyways, back to business, which is the k'daais... I'm not exactly sure what's wrong with me, painting special stuff before even finishing the core infantries of the army; but here they are, three more k'daais.

As you know, even though the k'daais are in the The Legion of Azgorh army list which is presented in Tamurkhan book, there are no models released to represent them as of yet. Hence the chaos dwarf community accepted the challenge and got cracking, either by converting stuff or using alternative models for the task. Being as lazy as... umm... well, nothing comes to my mind to describe the laziness level I have, anyways, so I decided to take the latter route and searched for miniatures from different companies, which could be proxied as k'daais.

First, let me say that it was a very hard and painful task to look for these kind of miniatures. It is not easy to find the correct keywords for such a search. Then, even when you think you found a suitable miniature for your taste, you will notice that it lacks necessary scale information, which is kinda dumb in my opinion. I mean, it is not that hard to put a small ruler next to the model when taking the photos, right? Last, but not the least of your worries will be to see how the miniature looks painted. You can easily find yourself browsing through the galleries of Cool Mini or Not or a similar website for a glimpse of the end product. You've been warned...

OK, I guess I bitched enough. The three k'daai models here are from Reaper Miniatures. This US based company offers a wide variety of metal miniatures, so if you are a metal head like me, make sure to check their website whenever you need anything. The miniatures I bought from them are the Incarnation of Flame and Lesser Earth Elemental from Warlord line and Fire Elemental from Dark Heaven Legends line. As you can tell from my selections, I opted for fire and earth elemental figures to represent the k'daais: Perfect combination of Hashut's flames and the dwarves' affection for the earth and stone.

With these three are done, my k'daai regiment is four strong now and two more are waiting for me at home in blisters. I think six will be enough for my army for quite a while. I also prepared a kind of marker in the process. I intend to use it to remember the "blazing body" rule of the k'daais or an important spell i placed upon the enemy. It looks useful now. I just hope I don't forget them in my games. God, I hate that when that happens.

PS: Ran a search on Google about how to finish "as lazy as..." and here are a couple of alternatives: "as lazy as a preacher on Monday", "as lazy as a dog on a hot day", heh...

New K'daais

Manburner joins in

Scaling, oh and the marker

Incarnation of Flame

Flame Elemental

Lesser Earth Elemental


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