Sunday, February 5

Red Bull Centaur

Red Bull Centaur
It seems I'm not ready to go back to painting infantry, so here's my first bull centaur: Red Bull style...

In Tamurkhan book, bull centaurs are classified as monstrous beasts, meaning they will sit on 50mm bases. That's quite different from their original base, which was a cavalry base (25x50mm). I was kinda worried about that at the start, since the base size is twice what it used to be, which might lead to awkward empty spaces on the base. Well, at the end, even though I didn't make any conversions or make any effort to add stuff on the base, I'm satisfied with the result.

The miniature is a vintage bull centaur model. Probably dating back to 2nd edition; but I'm not 100% sure. As I said before, I didn't make any conversions except the base itself; but i tried my best to do it justice when painting it. Credits are in order for my good buddy Mr. Lee for the Red Bull approach. Hope you like it...


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