Thursday, March 15

Countdown to İzmirCon

So, as I mentioned before, our local gaming convention, İzmirCon will take place at the end of this month. I'm keen on fielding a chaos dwarfs army for the WHF tournament which is scheduled for 1st of April, so I decided to take it a little seriously and built a roster to see what I need to paint. Here's what I'll aim for:

Daemonsmith (General, Level 2 Fire, Enchanted Shield, Dispel Scroll)
Infernal Castellan (BSB, Dragonhelm, Talisman of Preservation, Shield)
25x Infernals Full Command
24x Infernals Full Command
6x Bull Centaurs (xhw)
6x K'daais
5x Hobgoblin Wolf Riders (Bow, Musician)
K'daai Destroyer

I'm at 1999pts here with this setup. I know this is not the best list to play, it's very sub-optimal to be honest; but I'll have to field what I have in hand. Let me talk about the list a little.

So, with only 65 models, I think I will be outnumbered in every single game. It is just too low for 2k games. Too add more to my woes, I will only be able to field a level 2 for my arcane needs. There will be many difficult magic phases waiting for me, I'm sure :( I just could find enough points to fit a level 4 in. Maybe I'll drop the bull centaurs to swap the daemonsmith with a sorcerer-prophet; but at this time there are more pressing matters for me: The lack of infantries...

I have only 35 infantries ready right now, which means I'm 14 models away from fulfilling this list. I also need to build and paint 5 riders and finish the BSB which has spent way more time on my desk by now. Of course, I'll still need the destroyer and the daemonsmith painted by Mr.Lee, who will also make an appearance in the tournament with his filthy goblin horde. The destroyer and the daemonsmith miniatures already have 3 colors on them so, they can be fielded as-is even as a worst case scenario.

I ranted enough I guess. Please let me know what you think about the list and the bull centaurs I finished recently. I also added some group shots to show off what I have currently.


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