Thursday, March 29

Look Who is a Pro-Painter Now

Stock photo from
Heresy Miniatures
Quick update time: I'm a pro-painter now :)

I was on facebook today and then I saw Heresy Miniatures' facebook page. I went on and I liked the page, since I own the Colossus figure from them and I'm using it as a K'daai Fireborn in my Chaos Dwarf army. Then I thought I should post the photo of the painted miniature there. Not an hour later, I received a notification that they liked it and would like to put the photo on the product's web page, it is second from the left under the description of the item with fiery paint job on it.

Time to go show off for me now. Oh, and also I need to update my eBay auctions as a pro-painter and inflate the prices. Because you know what, I'm a pro-painter now, hee-hee... :)


Mr Saturday said... [Reply]

Nice one!

BuRock said... [Reply]

thanks mate. it also performed nicely in the tournament yesterday, so I'm happy :)

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