Monday, September 3

Avatars of War Dwarf Rune Master

Since I hit 4000 points limit recently, Projekt Core is on hold now. Today's mini is Avatars of War's Dwarf Rune Master miniature. It is a funny thing that all of my last four updates have been about different manufacturers' products. I think when you are playing a long time forsaken army such as chaos dwarfs, it is a must to browse through the catalogs of all companies and get what you can from them. This Rune Master figure in particular, has an awesome pose and I've seen many people using this one as sorcerer-prophets or daemonsmiths in their armies.

Avatars of War is a Spanish company which is known for its awesome hero models. Recently, they announced a new product line, called Warthrone, and started producing regimental boxes. The first regiment of this line was Dwarf Berserkers and thanks to their recent, successful kickstarter, more will follow soon. Although their kickstarter did not enjoy as much success as Mantic's (which was phenomenal), it was still enough to get them going with their new projects.

Let me talk about the miniature a little now. The mini comes in a large blister pack with a stock photo on it. No biggie; but many products I've bought recently didn't have one, so I had to say it. The model is made of white metal, as AoW's all other hero models. It came in 4 pieces: Body, cloak, staff and fancy part of the beard. The mini is highly detailed with almost no flash, and the pieces fit without much effort; but I strongly suggest pinning nevertheless. You can't simply not pin a metal part (damn you 9gag). Before moving on to painting, I have to say that, I think providing a scenic base would be a nice touch here, especially when you think of the price tag of the miniature.

When painting, I took a different route. Instead of silver undercoat, I used a new spray I found in my local store: Brilliant Copper. I was very hopeful when using it. I thought using this one will help me have my bronze with but one wash; but of course it was not meant to be. Actually I had to do more to make it look like the rest of the army, so I think I will go back using the silver spray. My favorite part on this mini was the green gems. I think the green colored gems suited the model best and I'm glad that I didn't paint them to a classic yellow-orange or blue pattern.



M R Lee said... [Reply]

On hold.. what is that.. projekt core should NEVER be on hold.. EVER!!! Get back to painting Hobgoblins.. they won't paint themselves.. trust me.. I have tried to make them :)

Nice work on the Daemonsmith.. dunno about the pose.. but nice work on the model itself.

Cpjiardina said... [Reply]

looks great I want this guy to but worked on BCs conversion...and daemonsmiths...maybe i'll pick him up later

BuRock said... [Reply]

@M R Lee
maybe if i forget the HGs long enough, they might paint themselves, huh? Not an option?

And what didn't you like about the pose mate?

M R Lee said... [Reply]

Reminds me of Moses parting the red sea.. but from the old classical movies.. not the re-adaptions made..

BuRock said... [Reply]


The daemonsmiths of FW are pretty cool. About the BC conversion, I strongly advise you to check out the sizes of FW's new BCs, if you haven't already. They are MUCH bigger than the OOP ones.

BuRock said... [Reply]

@M R Lee
aaaaand, the coolness is gone... :)

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