Wednesday, March 20

Arabian Knights: Vulture Knights

Arabian Knights project is up to speed and here I present you the Vulture Knights. Obviously pegasus knight substitutes, these guys were waiting on my desk for forever. Well, the vultures at least. After I posted about the vultures earlier, I got so many comments. Apparently, cactii don't grow in Arabian deserts (go figure...), so I had to remove them from the bases.

So, vulture bases fixed and riders done. The riders are from Black Tree Design again. I believe they are horse rider guys though, not camel riders. there are minor conversions on each of the riders. The musician guy's horn is from some old High Elf set (it was metal), the spear of the yellow dude is a Wargames Foundry pike, and finally, the lance with streamer is a bit from Reaper Miniatures, decorated with a streamer from High Elf plastic kit. I must say I am very glad that i didn't throw my gf's high elf bits. They have proven themselves invaluable until now and I think I can use more  of those bits.

When I was painting the riders, I wanted them to be different then each other but also I tried to achieve brighter colors on them. That's something I am not used to and need to learn. The result is not the best; but I can't say I'm unhappy to be honest. And of course, there is a minor freehand on the streamer again.

I kinda like how the army is coming together. Stay tuned for more and enjoy the photos...


Fimm Mc Cool said... [Reply]

Like the riders, very pretty. Is the paintwork on the body of the vultures the original? It looks kinda plastic-y, maybe a spot of drybrushing would liven the texture up a tad? What are your plans for the matchsticks?

M R Lee said... [Reply]

I miss the cacti! Why did you remove them.. I think they add realism.. ;)

They look good mate as always.. and this will be one heck of an army when it is all done!

Btw.. nice background ;)

BuRock said... [Reply]

@Fimm Mc Cool

the paint job on the vulture is not the original. I've done them with my airbrush.

the plastic look might be because of the fact that they are plastic toys indeed :) They are from a German manufacturer called Bullyland: Maybe I can apply some washes here and there then, if you say they look plastic :: sob ::

the matchsticks are clear tea stirs. I am planning to leave them as they are unless you have a suggestion :) dunno why but I like the clear flight stands.

thanks for the comments and compliments matey...

BuRock said... [Reply]

@M R Lee

I know right, i miss them cactii too... :(

should i start a business to sell decent backgrounds for photos, hmm... :)


Fimm Mc Cool said... [Reply]

Clear flying stands all the way! :) I guess it's the desert sand making them look matchstick coloured. :D

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