Wednesday, January 23

Arabian Knights: Vultures Update

Recently, I managed to find time to finish all three of the vultures. Their riders are yet to arrive; but with the airbrush, I made short work of them. Actually, making the bases took more time than painting the miniatures, go figure :) As with the mounted musicians, I used a variety of basing materials from tufts to lichen and I think the way I'll do the bases for this army is pretty much decided now.



M R Lee said... [Reply]

Nice work on these mate. You are really beginning to get the hang of the airbrush now. Though the vultures could use a bit of a wash on them to pick out the shadows a bit further however, but its a minor quibble at best :)

BuRock said... [Reply]

@M R Lee
thanks buddy. from local guys, I got some negative comments about using mexican cactii on the bases, so i might be redoing their bases soon :(

i could also do washes as you recommended while i am at it.


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