Monday, January 21

Birthday Present Like a Boss: Orc Bust

This post will be about something very unorthodox, well, at least for me... You know, I'm a wargamer and a hardcore dwarf fan. If you were to tell me that I'd be painting a greenskin bust a year ago, I'd mock you hard or probably hit you in the face. But times have changed as you can see...

Originally, I was supposed to finish painting it last month, as a bday present for my good buddy Mr. Lee; but my work schedule went bananas, preventing me from making it on time. I only managed to deliver it last weekend, while I was in ─░stanbul for a work trip again. Better late than never, right?

Some of you would know that Mr. Lee is a greenskin at heart: Goblinkind to be precise, so it seemed like a good idea to give him something that would remind him who is the boss among them greenskins. Since I was not familiar with all this bust business, I didn't know where to look at at the beginning. The search for suitable busts took forever; but in the end I found this guy. The bust you see here is the Orc Bust from Tartar Miniatures, an Italian/Russian company which have a beautiful range of busts made of resin. You should check them out.
The bust is in 1:12 scale, giving it a height of 16cms; not counting the plinth. It was a very good opportunity to really test my skills with the airbrush. Almost all of the work I did with the airbrush, save for the minor touch-ups and highlights here and there.

So, that was the very first bust coming out of my painting desk. I think it has been a nice present for Mr. Lee as you can see from the over-exposing photo. He claims that it already found its spot on his desk at his office beside Leonardo. Now, all he has to do is to enjoy the nickname of "The Oppressor". I believe it will catch on quickly among his unders at work :)


M R Lee said... [Reply]

Like a boss indeed. Photos don't do it justice, and also I beat you to posting about it :) And yeah, I have had to explain what Oppressor was to a few people.. once explained though, they stated it fit. Not sure if they were talking about the bust or me?!?!?! Thanks again for this!

BuRock said... [Reply]

@M R Lee

i'm glad you liked it mate. hope it stays on your desk and intimidates people for years to come...

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