Monday, February 4

Probably the Most Expensive Paint Job Ever

Today's figure is yet another unorthodox one for me: Prince Apophas of Tomb Kings. This is the very first miniature i painted from that line of undead and it is for a friend again. The story of why it is probably the most expensive paint job ever and why I painted this is an interesting one though.

Some months ago, the computer in our local club died. That hit some of the club guys hard, as they were not able to prepare or print their army lists, listen to music or you know, do computer stuff. Then all of a sudden, one of the younglings rode in like the cavalry, with a high-end computer (i am talking about i8 CPU here) in his hands and gave it away. Yeah, just like that... Even though I don't use club PC, I was so impressed with his generosity, so I offered him to paint one of his miniatures to show my gratitude. That's how it ended up on my desk.

As you know, recently I'm becoming familiar with painting stuff that I am not familiar with. This one was no exception. Completely different palette, and with lots of bronze/gold shades with I suck at doing, hence hate to do :) In original studio paint, the scarabs are supposed to be in dark blue shades; but he wanted them green. So, for them I started with a dark green undercoat and worked my way up to veeery light greens where necessary. Pure drybrush, easy-peasy. For the gold parts, I started with a dark brown followed by bronze and finished with gold and gold+mithril highlights. The gems and the blade were a little more tricky where I tried some wet blending. Finally, I tried to imitate the blue glow in its forehead.

I'd have loved to do the basing too; but the owner of the mini is yet to decide how to base his army. Before wrapping this post up, let me once again say that i am not a fan of finecast. The blade was so thin and looked so fragile that I was afraid to touch it even with the brush. I can't see how it will handle heavy gaming. I find it very ridiculous as they are gaming miniatures and in my opinion, they should be more durable.

So, you just read about the "probably the most expensive paint job ever". Hope you liked it buddy. Enjoy...


KarnageKing said... [Reply]

No such thing as i8, i7 is currently the top consumer cpu model.

M R Lee said... [Reply]

Having a few finecast models myself, I can say that they do not survive the rigors of gaming well :( My converted Slannesh Herald in Failcast lost his sword to a clumsy gamer ( not me this time either! ) when he was moving something near it. And now it doesn't want to go back regardless of glue ( too small so far for pinning ).

Nice paint job on it. Glad the advice panned out so well ;) Also glad that you are branching out on your palette of colors and styles. Congrats!

BuRock said... [Reply]

heh, thanks. that's definitely a typo from my side.

However, I am impressed about your dedication when i saw that you signed up for a brand-new account, just to point that out yet you didn't provide a single comment about the figure itself :)

BuRock said... [Reply]

@M R Lee
off, sorry to hear that your herald got damaged. but honestly, i can understand how it can happen during gaming session.

I actually forgot trying what you advice mate, oops... Next time i guess :) thanks for the compliments.

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