Tuesday, December 17

Too much at stake for Fremen

There's a slow-grow league going in our club nowadays. Starting from 750pts games, the aim of this league is to motivate people to build their armies, with the final games are to be played 2500pts-a-side. I found this league to be the best chance for my Arabian Knights and painted some more Fremen (peasant bowmen) for my still-fledgling army.

The miniatures are from Black Tree's Warriors of Islam line as usual. My compressor has died while I was working on them so I had to revert to my brushes from halfway on. For the defensive stakes, I chopped up some cheap plastic palm tree trunks to get the effect I needed. I would also make a brazier; but I ran out of time :)

After finishing these, I got my hands on some camel riders, in hopes to escalate my army to 1250pts level; but I don't think that it will be possible now unfortunately, oh well...



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