Friday, November 22

Review: Sarissa Precision System∞ Gantry Set

Here is yet another Infinity scenery review. Although they are not among the "Designed for Infinity" range, Sarissa Precision have a scifi scenery range called System∞, which contains industrial scenery pieces made of MDF.

The pieces can be lined up easily and offer plenty of cover
During my hunt for Infinity scenery pieces, mainly I was after two things: Buildings and elevated walkways. Finding buildings was easy enough; but when it came to the walkways, my options were extremely limited. As you probably know, Infinity is a fast paced game with a huge potential for stunts and acrobatic moves; but all of these will be for nothing if there's no cover. The problem with the other walkway systems I encountered was the fact that they didn't have any cover. Only Ainsty Castings' Protected Walkway, and Micro Art Studio's Catwalk Set offered decent amount of cover to be used on an Infinity gaming table.However, I was very on giving a chance to MDF, so I ended up with ordering a gantry set from Sarissa.


Like Micro Art Studio's MDF scenery, these ones also came in roughly A4-sized MDF sheets, wrapped in cellophane. There's an A4 paper with stock photo on one side and the building instructions on the other. Speaking of photos, Sarissa should really do something about their stock photos. It is very hard to understand what is what from their stock photos. They are basically technical design schemas, which fail to impress potential buyers big time. I'd advise them to populate the website with the actual photos of each item built and painted. It would be even better if there were some more shots for scale comparison.

Score: 8/10


Sheets and instructions, that's it. The items are fairly easy to build, instructions are there. The only tip I cn give you here is, while you glue the stairs to their bases, mind the direction. they won't align with the walkways if you glue it the wrong way.

Score: 8/10


General drawbacks of MDF apply here. You have to file them to perfection like there's no tomorrow once you remove the individual pieces from the sheet. Also, MDF soaks up the paint, so multiple layers of paint are required.

After I cut off the pieces, I immediately noticed how thin and fragile the railings are. I was extremely careful while working on them; but I knew that those pieces wouldn't last long, especially in our gaming club. Long story short, before long some of them were snapped off, others were badly damaged and I ended up replacing them with leftover bits from Micro Art Studio buildings. You can see both versions below:

The original railings on the left, converted one on the right 

Except for the fragile railings, the quality is fine. There are not many details; but this is a walkway set after all...

Score: 7/10


Sarissa runs a promotion for this Gantry set: Buy 5, pay 4 and you choose what pieces you want. I bought 3 walkways and 2 stairs and it ran me 20 quids for all and another 2,50 for shipping to Turkey. I am inclined to say that it is a very good price for what you get.

Score: 9/10


The British company has a lot to offer for those who plan to build sci-fi gaming tables. I think we will be hearing more from them. They should really handle the stock photos bit though.


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