Wednesday, October 30

Death from Above: Ariadna Para-Commando

Although all those pretty Infinity scenery items are still on my desk, I managed to find time to paint a single model to add to my current force. This saturday, we will be running a small tournament at our local club. When writing the rules, we decided to keep the leash tight for proxies and all of a sudden, I found myself short of a Para-Commando guy. Luckily, I have been thinking ahead, since I bought these Starship Marines figures from Black Tree beforehand to use as a proxy for Para-Commando with HMG.

Why you might ask. Why buy some ancient models when there are those beautiful Infinity models. Well, first of all, Black Tree minis were dirt cheap. With the promotions back when I bought them, they cost me 70p each. Moreover, there were no stores which were selling Infinity miniatures in my country. The latter is about to change now though, fingers crossed. Price was the real factor here; but to be honest, the original figure is not the best among the Infinity range.

The figure came in 3 parts: Guy, bag and the ammo belt. After building it up quickly, I went on and filed the star off of the beret. I started with a blue base coat, then laid down the ochre color of the bag before putting the airbrush away. The rest was brush work.

So, my tourney army is ready for the weekend. Hope I can finish some more scenery until then. Enjoy...



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