Tuesday, December 24

Arabian Knights: Oasis Knights

The slow-grow league in our club is still going on. The current points level is 1250pts and I've been trying hard to keep up with increased points. This time, I managed to finish five more camel riders.

I used Black Tree's models again, with the bits from Wargames Factory and Games Workshop's High Elves. I must say I've found the High Elf bits to be extremely useful in this project.

In hopes to add a bit of flavor to the standard bearer, I decided to do some freehand on the banner; but I'm afraid the quality of the freehand turned out to be no better than a seven year old's :( But then again, a freehand is a freehand...

More to follow in my Arabian Knights project. Meanwhile, I just hope that GW do not decide to kill the Bretonnian army as some rumors predict.


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