Thursday, January 2

Arabian Knights: Camelry Command

With my last minute rush at the end of the year, I managed to render my Arabian Knights army to a playable level, around 1250pts. In my new year's resolutions last year, I had pledged to complete an army at the end of every year from then on. Even though I wouldn't say that this army is entirely finished, I'd still consider that pledge fulfilled, considering all the distractions in my personal life and the turmoil in my country. I'll write about all those "excuses" in another post though.

So, what I have here is yet another batch of camelry. I was lacking command options for the second knight "bus", so I had to make myself some banners. Guys are from Black Tree's Warriors of Islam product line again. Like the previous camelry figures, High Elves bits came very handy here too.

With this batch, the second knight unit is completed. Before moving forward with that project, I have some extremely late birthday gift for Mr.Lee to take care of. It will prove an awesome opportunity to try my new airbrush, a Badger Sotar 20/20, for detail work, yay...



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