Monday, May 20

Other Side of the Portal: Another Hellcannon

With my Infinity figures painted and my motivation for the Arabian Knights is rock bottom, I decided to do a project that I had in mind for quite some time now. Some of you might remember my other hellcannon, her sister actually (yes, it is a she, problem?). The monster is in fact a SPAWN action figure. It was in the form of siamese twins, both of which I used as the monster part of my hellcannons now.

The idea I had in mind was a scene of the summoning, with the monster is just about the step (stomp?) in from within the portal. I first started with the portal. The portal was done brick-by-brick with Pegasus Hobbies' bricks. Then I glues a cardboard between the brick frame and did the swirling portal effects with Vallejo's Oxid Paste. That stuff also helped closing the gaps here and there. Before it was completely dry, I buried some tiny skulls in the portal.

After the foundation of the portal was done, I had to decorate it with some bits. I started with a couple of torches. I think they were Ainsty Castings stuff; but since I had them forever, I really can't recall. I thought a couple of hooks and hanging skulls on the side were enough, all of which were GW's bits. Finally, I cut a Hashut symbol from balsa to go on the top of the portal.

As for the crew, I must say my bitzbox made me a very happy man. There's a metal hellcannon crew (guy that carries the chain) with his hand bits are from OOP dwarfs box. There's the other guy with the hook. His body is from Forgeworld's infernal guard, head from Mantic's abyssal dwarf and weapon from OOP dwarf box. And the last guy were made of FW torso-Mantic head again, and also his scepter was from Mantic's halfbreeds. The bit with the book on top should be from Ainsty Castings again.

Originally, my plan was to place the summoner guy on a higher ground, only accessible with spiral stairs; but since the monster occupied a huge portion of the base, I had to drop it. Baaad planning...

So, that's all for today. Here are some more photos, enjoy...


Paradox0n said... [Reply]

Awesome!!! I thought of doing some portal stuff with the second half myself because its not so easy to position... But this is absolutely gorgeous. I really love it.
Great that you returned on some Chaos Dwarf stuff :)

Andrew Marshall said... [Reply]

Fantastic work. it really screams demon hell beast.

BuRock said... [Reply]

@Andrew Marshall

Thanks guys, i appreciate your comments.

As you can see, the arabian knights project failed to motivate me. i am yet to find out the reason and meanwhile i decided to finish the stuff in my drawers.


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