Wednesday, July 25

Terror from the Deep: Second Hellcannon

Here I am again, with yet another monstrosity. I have another hellcannon to show off; but this time, it is entirely different from how Games Workshop interpreted it.

Before I talk about the mini at hand, I have to say that I am not a fan of GW's current hellcannon sculpt. It looks too "machine". Hence, I looked for ideas on how to build a hellcannon which looks more "monster", less "machine". I found my answer in Ordo Fanaticus forum. The user JMGraham's beauty was too good to pass and I decided to undertake this project.

The base model here is a SPAWN action figure again. It is called GEMINI from Warriors of the Zodiac series. I am familiar with working on action figures lately. As you might remember, my second K'daai Destroyer was also built off of a SPAWN figure.

So, I started building this model by creating an effect that it is hoisting itself from inside the ground. The height of the model was crucial here due to the "firing point" of the monster. To make it right, I placed it side by side with an original hellcannon. Once I adjusted its height, I buried it into the ground by using putty and then surrounded the putty with balsa pieces. Finally, I applied -a lot of- Vallejo Black Lava for the lava surfaces, as well as the rabble on the rocky parts.

The painting has no real trick. Flesh is Tallarn foundation, Ogryn wash then HL with Tallarn again. The gems are done with Vallejo Golden Yellow and GW Chaos Black GW Orange base with a touch of white dot in the end, a very common gem painting recipe.

I painted the crew miniatures separately and placed them after that. There are many conversions on the crew miniatures and bits from various sources. As a last minute touch, I ransacked my gf's accessory box to find the chains and the bollards (?). They look OK, don't they?

In the end, I am very satisfied with the result to be honest. I am looking forward to displaying this piece in upcoming events and hopefully, I can bag a trophy or two with it. Who knows...




mccallumgs said... [Reply]

That is AWESOME. I might totally steal your idea :)

BuRock said... [Reply]

thanks mate. i wouldnt say that it is my idea; but please go on and build yours. I'd very much like to see the results.

Kuffeh said... [Reply]

That is pretty epic. It's cool to see a non-standard looking cannon. I like the pose and look of it, like it's just broken through the surface.

BuRock said... [Reply]

that was what i thought when i first saw the idea on the forums. i think i pulled that one off great. hope it wins some local modelling trophies.

Kuffeh said... [Reply]

You have, it looks great. Good luck with the painting competitions!

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