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Borderline Cheese: Second K'daai Destroyer

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I assume everybody who plays with or against Forgeworld's chaos dwarfs have heard about the K'daai Destroyer by now. I already have a Destroyer in my army which is built and painted by Mr.Lee and running it in my lists with mixed success. These infamous monsters have made a remarkable entrance to "The Cheesiest List" since the release of the Legion of Azgorh army list. So the question is, if you have a cheese monster in your army list, why not make it two and guarantee the bad sportsmanship scores?

This 6" high miniature (!) is an action figure actually. It is called Tremor 3, from SPAWN Series. It is made of hard plastic and comes pre-painted; but of course it needed to be painted to suit for its new role. Being an action figure, the joints of the miniature were designed to be moved, so the first thing I did was to fix them in their places and fill the gaps with a mixture of putty and liquid green stuff. I can't say I managed to do it perfectly though since some of the  joints can still be seen unfortunately.

I took a leap of faith when basecoating the miniature and went with bright yellow. I call it a leap of faith because I never painted over yellow basecoat before and also I didn't know how will the action figure material will take the paint. Luckily for me it went OK and saved me from spending considerable amount of time and yellow paint. Once the basecoat is done I drybrushed my way to darker colors again:

- Vallejo Gold Yellow
- GW Blazing Orange
- GW Blood Red
- Vallejo Red (Bermellon)
- GW Mechrite Red (Foundation)
- 1:1 mixture of GW's Codex Grey and Chaos Black

When drybrushing, I made sure to drybrush lightly as the color darkened, not to overshadow the fiery layers underneath. After these steps, I applied a very light yellow wash to the miniature. I prepared the wash myself by diluting Vallejo's Pale Yellow with water. Once the wash was dry, I picked the "hottest" parts with Vallejo's White.

For the base, I used some balsa again. Also there is a small bit from Fenris Games with runes on it. There is also an island of rock between the legs of the monster. That was originally the stand of the other destroyer. Recycling FTW... Also, I should mention that there's Vallejo's Black Lava applied on the base to give it some texture.

So, there you have it, the second Destroyer. Now it is time for me to play a poor soul who is willing to play against an army with not one but two notorious Destroyers. I've also included a comparison shot of my two destroyers. The new one is HUUUUGE... :)

Enjoy the photos...


Tomsche said... [Reply]

When you play Chaos Dwarfs, there is no such thing as a cheesy list, only potential slave gatherings.

Great paintjob, I might scour ebay for a cheap one of those beasties

Mr Saturday said... [Reply]

I think I saw this guy on the Bad Dice forum, great find, he looks the business.

BuRock said... [Reply]

heh, you have a point there about slave raids...

thanks and hope you can find one of those figures at a decent price.

BuRock said... [Reply]

certainly it gets the job done. fits the bill too, bought it for $25 iirc.

Rusty said... [Reply]

The painting is fantastic. I'd agree use the cheese, the Chaos Dwarves have had a hard list to run for a while so make up for that.

I'd love to see you paint up this guy as a destroyer too, but using three and you might stop getting invited to game.


BuRock said... [Reply]


heh, yeah that was one of the options for the second destroyer, along with Krull (http://banelegions.maelstromgames.co.uk/?tag=bnb-019) that we considered with Mr.Lee. They are both beautiful models with lots of character; but you see, the price tag of them are also as big as they are.

yeah, i am cheap, so what...? :)

Rusty said... [Reply]

Haha, you're right about the price tag. I love the model, but I still don't own one either :P

Will keep following the blog mate, nice work.

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