Tuesday, July 3

Forgeworld Bull Centaurs at Games Day Barcelona 2012

Rumors were around that Forge World guys were working on bull centaur models for quite some time and finally they showed up at Games Day Barcelona it seems. The photos are not the best; but it can be seen that they are very bulky, yet dynamic looking models. I really liked them to be honest. The only criticism I can come up with is the ridiculously small looking shields and it is no biggie, no biggie at all...

BUT, and yes, there is always a but, well, they are BIG. I'm afraid they are so big that it will not be possible to mix-match them with GW's bull centaur models from 90s or Mantic's half-breeds, which are to be released by the end of July. Non-FW ones will just look so tiny beside them.

Another crucial point is that they seem to be on 75x50mm bases, which is the same with giants or demigryph knights of The Empire. Previously, an FW employee answered an e-mail of chaos-dwarfs.com community member, stating that the BCs will be on 50mm bases. The bull centaurs I have are on 50mm square bases and I will be very upset to see that they move it to 75x50mm. Not just because of the effort required to do it; but also my old BCs will really look tiny on those bases, basically rendering them unusable.

Oh well, already rambled more than enough. Below are the photos of the new bull centaurs, enjoy...


Mr Saturday said... [Reply]

I'm a little concerned about the base size too, it kind of puts a dent in my own plans for a new unit of BC...

BuRock said... [Reply]

tell me about it. I have ordered 20 of mantic's upcoming half-breeds already :)

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