Friday, July 27

Projekt Core: Hobgoblin Bows

After finishing the hellcannon project, it was the time for me to go back to my initial plan, which was to increase the core units. The reasons were obvious: I am limited at 3k points because of the minimum core allowance and also I'd like to have some different options in my army. I finally got myself painting some hobgoblins for the task at hand.

The miniatures I will be using as hobgoblins in my army is Wargames Factory's Orc Warband. Some of you might remember my recent review about them. There are many other alternatives of course; but these ones attracted me the most.

To keep things simple, I placed them on a 5-men regiment base this time. Because you know, they are expected to die in droves. My equipment choice for them was bows since I am planning to use them as small units which will provide fire support and WM protection rather than huge fighting blocks.

While building the models, I didn't make any conversions so everything you see there is from the original box. Also, when you have some 80 of them waiting their turns, you just can't try that hard for perfection. The same goes with the painting. You can easily notice that the painting quality on them are nowhere near my standard; but they will have to do.

The hardest part of painting those guys is the fact that they are slaves. They shouldn't wear uniforms, actually it should be the opposite. They are slaves, they wear what they find, they fight with what they have at hand, you get the picture. This diversity makes it very hard to batch paint them where it is needed the most. The only part I could paint in one go was the skins obviously; but I think I will find a way to make it work soon.

So, to be able to field a 4k point army, I need to paint 39 more hobgoblins. Just 39, oh the pain... Will see how it goes. Enjoy the photos.


Mr. Lee said... [Reply]

Not up to your normal standards.. I think they fit right in with the rest of your army ;)

Nice job, but 39 more is not too hard.. I was able to get 22 done in 3 days while on a business trip.. surely you can get 39 done in same amount of time seeing as you are at home? :)

All kidding aside.. looking good.. and wondering when I will get to field off against them..

Fimm Mc Cool said... [Reply]

Spray 'em beige, paint in the green, dip 'em in ink (or that special one-size-fits-all shady stuff, slap in eyes and teeth and spray 'em with dullcoat. Reckon that's about 10-15 an hour at that rate. :)

Fimm Mc Cool said... [Reply]

Just started assembling my boxes for my hobgoblins. They are somewhat larger than I thought they might be, just as well they're hobgoblins and not just goblins. Pleased with the detail and posing possibilities though. Wasn't sure about 'reversible torsos' but they seem to work quite nicely. The hand detail is lacking a bit, but not to worry for expendable rank and file!

BuRock said... [Reply]

skipping the comments about my "standard". I already built and primed several more last night; but you know my speed at building things.

looking forward to playing against you too. In grand ─░zmir tournament maybe, hm?

BuRock said... [Reply]

yeah, you re talking about the army painter's stuff, right? unfortunately, that stuff is unavailable in Turkey. However, I remember Mr. Lee having some at home. Wonder if he would lend it to me :)

but i can see myself getting really bored and impatient when painting these guys, so slapping the black wash on them could be a real option soon :)

BuRock said... [Reply]

you see, we have a saying around here: pics or it didn't happen :)

jokes aside, my thoughts are exactly the same about WG's hobgobs. Oh, I just remembered that I was contemplating on doing the bow strings for them. Awww, how cute of me :)

Mr. Lee said... [Reply]

Always need to bust you on the standard bit ;) It is how we amateurs get our kicks. And the jury is still out on the Grand Tournament dealio.. but we will see..

Mr. Lee said... [Reply]

The can is from an older comms ( Empire I do believe ), and I do recall we tried an experiment on your CDs with it, and it, um.. failed? Is that the right word? I don't think it is strong enough for what occurred :)

BuRock said... [Reply]

you had to remind, didnt you?

Fimm Mc Cool said... [Reply]

Bit of cotton? Nice attention to detail there. My uncle once made a trainset for his son using some strands of his daughter's hair as telegraph wires... gotta love silly little details!

BuRock said... [Reply]

i was thinking more like fishing string actually. seems it is up to the task more. but i think i ll pass that idea. yesterday i was busy with those buggers again and i am happy to announce that i am up to my speed now. seems like dipping them was a good idea indeed. sucks to be the details here :)

and about your uncle, that s the most interesting material i ve ever heard. wonder if my long hair would be useful for something, hmmm...

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