Thursday, August 9

10.000 Hits: That's How I Roll

Let the celebrations begin
Recently my blog reached 10k hits milestone. I think it's time for me to write something about this blog business and share some of the blogs I've been following in order to help the community to get connected better.

When I started this blog back two and a half years ago, it was in Turkish. You see, it is easier to blabber in your native language, rather than trying to find a more slang version of the word you want to use in a post. Then, Mr.Lee convinced me that my rants are too valuable to be delivered in Turkish only and I had no option but to continue in English by the end of 2011, the time I started collecting the Chaos Dwarfs.

Before starting to collect Chaos Dwarfs, I was working on my Warhammer Dwarfs and an Ariadna force for Infinity. I still have those forces but I hardly find the opportunity to play them these days. But I have to say that the Dwarfs army, being my first love, is very special for me.

There are many websites that I check regularly. Most of them, like Warseer, should be well known to you, so I'd like to direct you to the blogs of the fellow bloggers. They are awesome hobbyists who make my day when they update their blogs. I'd like to congratulate them on sharing their talents and visions about this hobby. A special thanks should go to Mr.Lee, to whom I lost blog wars to (he's well over 18k hits currently), well done matey ;)

Here's a list of lesser known blogs/sites I've been frequenting. Hope you find them useful. In alphabetical order:

- Blue's Marauding Miniatures: Fellow Bugman's Brewery member's blog. Beautifully painted Marauder dwarfs. Need I say more?
- Clam Minis Adventure: A very unique and quality approach to evil Dwarfs.
- Colored Dust: Awesome painter with lots of tutorials on his blog. You should check the 360 degrees spin tutorial especially.
- Dr. Willett's Workshop: Doc's blog has much variety. Recently he has been working on Chaos Dwarfs. Love the banner of his blog.
- Frontline Gamer: Famous for the Sunday Sermons and the stuff giveaways, Frontline Gamer is an awesome blog.
- James Wappel Painting: This is the type of guy that we all hate and envy. There are no superlatives in my repertoire to describe the awesomeness level of this guy.
- Mr. Lee's Painting Emporium: You have to promote your friends, right? So I've been told. Jokes aside, he's an established commission painter now. His output rate is second to none these days. He's literally on fire, so you can find an update almost every day.
- Mr. Saturday's Mumblings: Painting updates, news and rants. Kinda familiar pattern to someone I know, don't you think...?
- Paradox0ns Wargaming Blog: Some decent tutorials over there. Make sure to check them out.


M R Lee said... [Reply]

Welcome to the 10k club.. your pin is in the mail.. should arrive within 6-12 yrs.. give or take a century..

Congrats all the same, and looking forward to seeing more of your CDs getting finished.. Especially the Hobgoblins ;)

Kuffeh said... [Reply]

Congrats on hitting 10k views! Here's to 10K more!

BuRock said... [Reply]

thanks mate. but i need to be more productive if that's gonna happen, right...? :)

M R Lee said... [Reply]

Indeed.. less slacking more action.. get to it.. we want Hobgoblins!

And also.. TURN OFF CAPTCHA!!!! It will gain you more followers and comments ;)

BuRock said... [Reply]

captcha turned off. damn turkish translation. thought that setting was entirely something else.

as for hobgobs, i think they will have some luvin' tonight, provided i get home.

Kuffeh said... [Reply]

hehe, yes doing what Mr Lee suggests helps. As to getting more hits/comments, it all about getting known and making friends. You comment on their stuff, they comment on yours and you follow links etc. Still you're doing well so far.

Posting also helps. Reminds me I need to do something for mine soon...

Paradox0n said... [Reply]

Heyho, thanks for listing my blog. Jumped directly to follow yours too :-)

BuRock said... [Reply]

glad to see you around mate

Headologist said... [Reply]

Excellent! Here's to 10,000 more

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