Wednesday, August 15

Painting Updates: More Hobgoblins and Lava Bases

Summertime is the official slacking time for me. With the intense heat (37°C/97°F today) and the seaside visits during the weekends, I hardly find the time to work on my miniatures these days.

Today's update is hobgoblin bows again. These little, green buggers are on their way to become a regiment very soon. They are 16 strong now and there are 9 more waiting on my workbench to make them 25 and will call it done for a while. 

As you know, they are Wargames Factory's Orc Warband miniatures. Being a chaff unit, I really wanted to go fast on them. My current output rate is 5 minis per hour (excl. the bases) for them, which i think is a very good time, especially for my rather slow standards. 

Another update is lava bases. Most of the time I find myself finished some models in the middle of the night but no bases ready to mount them on. You can imagine the feeling of incompleteness after going to bed with the minis lying around without bases. Well, no more... I took some time to build 23 more bases, 4 of which I used for the recent hobgoblins.

After finishing the 9 HGs currently on my workbench, I would like to do something new. Luckily, I have many options here:

I'm inclined on starting with Magma Cannon to be honest; but I'm open to suggestions.


M R Lee said... [Reply]

Is it really 5 per hour? I distinctly remember playing a 3+ hr game a few months ago, and you barely have 5 assembled.. let alone painted. ;)

Looking good though, and those last 9 will be the death of you.. but at least then you can get a fully painted chaff unit in the games :)

BuRock said... [Reply]

@M R Lee
assembly is a different story mate; but i am not that bad on that front neither ;)

M R Lee said... [Reply]

3 hrs for 5 models... mmmm your definition of not that bad is different than mine ;)

Tomsche said... [Reply]

I take 5 days at my slacker pace lately for 5 models

Great job, really love the look of them, and I vote yes on the Magma Cannon, it`s the most versatile of the new war machines in the legion list, bar being even a very cool model

BuRock said... [Reply]

indeed, magma cannon is a very good option in our list.

so, magma cannon is ahead in voting...

Headologist said... [Reply]

Superb work there, and love the bases!

BuRock said... [Reply]

Thanks mate. It is time for me to take a break from hobgoblins though. Expect some forge world beauty soon.

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