Saturday, August 18

Projekt Core: Hobgoblin Bows Finished... For Now...

As I mentioned at the end of my last post, there were 9 more hobgoblins waiting their turn on my workbench. I finally found time to get them done today. With these 9, the hobgoblin bow regiment is 25 strong and can be fielded legally (min 20 to field). I still need to do a movement tray for them; but I think I am done with painting these greenskins for some time now.

When painting, I used my speed painting technique again, save for the musician figure. The musician figure has a minor conversion as you might have noticed. The right arm, which is holding the horn is from Beastmen Ungor box. Being a command figure, that mini received that extra bit of attention. Another miniature worth noting is "Shorty". I used the lower body parts from Goblin Wolf Riders box for this guy. As a result, he's shorter than the rest; but I'm content with how he looks.

In this post, I am using a different photo technique. Arbal over Colored Dust shared some fabulous information on how to build a simple photobox for shooting miniatures and it was too good to pass. I went on to build my own and took some photos with a fancy background image. Mr. Lee tells me that the background is blending too much with the minis. But hey, these are hobgoblins, which means there is not much to show off, right? Maybe I have to use a more neutral background in the future though.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures and let me know how you think about the photos.


M R Lee said... [Reply]

As much as I like the new background, and the better photos, it just distracts from the models too much. I think you need to do a post showing the differences between them though, and let the audience decide!

Nice to see the HGs getting some love though.

BuRock said... [Reply]

A post showing the differences is a sound idea mate. Will do it soon, thanks.

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