Monday, May 13

Ariadna 112 Emergency Service

Here I am with yet another Infinity miniature, 112 Emergency Service. It is kinda special for me since it was my birthday gift from Mr.Lee some one and a half year ago. Recently, I thought that it gathered enough dust in my deep drawers and decided to paint it.

So, this figure is also from Ariadnian army list, one of the very few doctor choices in the list actually. Since they are trained for the worst, they are not only doctors but also trained troopers and firemen (hence the axe). I just love the dynamic pose and of course, the shotgun he totes.

I tried to follow the studio painting schema; but I feel I utterly failed :) I just couldn't manage to achieve that blue color of his coat with a green tint in it, so I went on with more blue; but I think I nailed the yellow parts. I am also happy with how greens turned out.

With this figure is done, my stock of unpainted Infinity minis has depleted. From now on, I will observe how will the interest in Infinity be in my local club before investing more. I've been running demos for quite some time now; but unfortunately I haven't been able to get this game going until now, so we will see...

I'd like to thank Mr.Lee once again for this beautiful gift. I think we learned our lesson since though, because since then, we only presented painted figures to each other :)

Photo time...


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