Tuesday, April 23

The Dude, The Mad and The Deadly: Ariadna Antipodes

Surprise, surprise... Most of the you might be unaware of it; but I have a small Ariadna force for Corvus Belli's beautiful sci-fi skirmish game, Infinity. Even though there are many guys in our club with an Infinity force (close to 10 actually, if not more), we never get to play it for one reason or another. Such a shame...

A month ago, while we were running the local gaming convention of my hometown, there was a huge interest in the Infinity table which I and one of my friends were in charge of. We ran numerous demo games in those couple of days and I was sure enough that we will recruit new blood for our club in the form of Infinity players. Truth is, it is yet to happen so I decided to fuel the fire a little -if there is any left- by painting and and showing off with a bunch of Ariadna minis.

These miniatures are from the Antipode Assault Pack for the Ariadnian forces. The idea is, the chick has a control device to manipulate the beast from afar and the antipodes quickly sneak up on the enemy to chew them up before they know anything. Only the best plan ever when you don't have even a pinch of technology :)

The controller gal comes as a single piece mini; but all of the antipodes come in at least 5 pieces if my memory serves me right. I didn't do any conversion work on the minis. I don't play 40k so my bitz box doesn't contain that kind of stuff and even if I did, I doubt the scales would fit here. Anyways, since I didn't do any conversion on the miniatures, I showed a little more love on the bases instead. The controller's base, I did by salvaging actual circuit board from an unused phone. And yes, it was me who had torn it apart in the first place. The base of the dude with the danger sign was also done with parts from that phone. Rust in piece fella, you served me well... The base with the about-to-leap antipode has its walls done with Pegasus Hobbies bricks. The same ones that I used when doing the display board for my Chaos Dwarf army.

So, that's all for now. WHF is out in our club for quite some time now, so I will try and see if I can spark some interest in Infinity for the weeks to come. Enjoy...


M R Lee said... [Reply]

Nice work mate, though you forgot to state that they love to get chainguns to the face, and how once they are exposed they die really fast! But that no points are given until that chick is dead.. grrr.. such if life I guess.. Nice work.. love the backgrounds :)

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