Thursday, April 18

Breaking the Promise... Fiery Way

Surprise, surprise... Last weekend, I was tidying my drawers in my painting room (balcony actually) when I found these guys, lying in one of the drawers gathering dust. I was this close to put them on eBay, cause you know, I am done with the CD army; but I thought what the hell... :)

This figures are the K'daai Fireborn from Forge World. When I first started collecting my Chaos Dwarf army, I converted mine from miniatures from different vendors. Forge World's k'daais have been around for quite some time now and it would have been a shame for me had I not have these in my army.

Painting these was pretty straightforward for me. Learning from my past mistakes where I did the flames backwards, this time I started with Yriel Yellow as a base and worked my way up to Blazing Orange and Mechrite Red. Finally, I touched the hot spots with a mixture of white and yellow. The metallic parts were done with Boltgun Metal base washed with Crimson wash for heating effect. Then I finished them with Boltgun and Mithril highlights. Mr. Lee wasn't impressed with the armor and told me that they need more contrast and offered me to use some blue wash on the armor. Also on the tips on the flames while I am at it. I'm intrigued to be honest and will give it a try soon.

Now some rant... In the Tamurkhan book, these guys don't have any armor save at all, just ward saves. I don't want to be "that guy" but come on, look at them. Other than the fact that they have no resemblance to anything chaos-dwarfy, do they look like they don't have any armor saves? In my eyes, this is just one of the many examples of how sloppy was the Legion of Azgorh army list created by Forge World guys. Sad... really sad...

Ok rant over, enjoy the photos...


Paradox0n said... [Reply]

While I am not a good painter myself, I have to agree with Mr. Lee. I think some more contrast on the armor/fire could really help to make them shine some more. But noetheless they make an impressive look as a whole unit.

Btw: I really have to look at all your postings concerning the CD because there is a whole bunch of Mantic ones waiting for me (I hear them cursing at me out of there paperbox). :)

BuRock said... [Reply]

yeah dude, i ll get my hands on them soon for some blue glaze here and there.

to check all the CD posts easily, follow the link "Chaos Dwarfs" on top of the page. Enjoy...

Paradox0n said... [Reply]

Oh I did and do. And will shamelessly steal the idea for he hellcanon. The gemini is already on its way through the ocean :-)

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