Monday, March 4

Arab Girls Riding

Experiment time... Most probably you have already noticed the kinky title of today's post, right? Last year, my good friend Mr. Lee posted about his dark elf commission work. Funny that 2 days from now it will be exactly one year since it was posted. Anyways, the name of the post was "Naked Girl Kneeling?!?!" and it was a huge success for his blog. As far as I know, it is still the post with the most hits. Makes you rethink about the wargaming community, huh? :) So, I wonder if this dirty road will help my blog gain hits too...

These gals are the wizards of my fledgling Arabian Knights army. Damsels and Prophetesses if you please. Let me first say that, it is very hard to find an Arabian female miniature riding a beast. The only one I could find was from Reaper Miniatures. It was Atifa from Nefsokar product line. This one, I could use with no conversion. The other however, I built it with parts form a couple of models: The lower body was from Jehanna and the upper part was from another sorceress, both from Reaper again. The camels are from Black Tree Design as usual.

The camels were mostly done by airbrush, working my way up from Leather Brown to Yellow Ochre. For the riders, since they are heroes, I wanted them to be easily distinguishable among the unit, so I painted them way brighter than I normally do. And also, I had some Ice Blue paint lying there and I thought, why not...? :)

Ok, I think that's all. I'll keep you updated about how the hits for this post will do from time to time ;) Enjoy...


M R Lee said... [Reply]

Nice work, gave you my comments already before on the highlights ( or lack thereof ;) ), but looking good all the same. Love how you did the basing, and great idea for the backdrop!

Oh and also was not aware that it has been a year so far since I posted that.. and to think people are still finding it and going to it directly.. go figure ;)

dionysus said... [Reply]

Black Tree designs, not my favorite compsany overall, but man can those guys make a camel.

You're quite right about provocative post names. My biggest number of hits on my own blog was titled "28mm girl on girl action" (two warrior maidens were carrying a queen. How could you misinterpret that?) ;)

BuRock said... [Reply]

Black Tree camels rule mate. Especially when you compare it to Perry's...

I'm glad that someone else shares the idea of throwing provocative headlines. Looking at the title you used now, I really can't see how people misunderstood that ;)

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