Wednesday, February 20

Wrapping the Army Up: Magma Cannon

Don't you roll your eyes at the sight of yet another war machine. Come sit by the magma and let me tell you a story... :)

Today's miniature is Magma Cannon from Forge World. I must say that, after working on miniatures of many different manufacturers, I really enjoyed working on FW stuff. The quality is there, the detail levels are awesome; but you already know that.

Some of you might be surprised to see that although I have a sizeable CD army, this is my first magma cannon. In my opinion, it is the most powerful, if not broken choice in the Legion of Azgorh list. I can hear you scream "Destroyer!"; but believe me, I'd not make many friends if I fielded a couple of those fiery, clunking contraptions. And they would still cost less than a single destroyer.

The most sensible way to see how underpriced this war machine is to compare it to its dwarven counterpart: Flame Cannon. Their template is the same (S5 d3Wo) and both cause panic upon casualties. The most important advantage the MC has over FC is the range. While the FC follows the flame thrower rules, the MC has a range of a whopping 24", plus the arty dice of course. Moreover, the ability to reroll the arty dice when there's a daemonsmith within 3" is gold. The only thing that the MC is not as good as the FC is the crew guys. MC crew trade the stubbornness for heavy armor; but then again, if a WM is charged, most of the time they are gone so... Oh all of these, you can get for only 5pts higher than its dwarf counterpart. Sucks to be dwarfs... :)

With this magma cannon complete, I can call my CD army, Zharr Naggrund Gentlemen, finished. As you know, this has been my second army. I enjoyed looking for suitable minis, building the army and I learned lots while I was on it. Now, it is time for me to concentrate my efforts on my third army, the Arabian Knights... I think a full army picture is in order now.

Enjoy the photos...


Mr Saturday said... [Reply]

Congratulations! A great thing to see an army finished, and looking mighty fine at that. Well done.

BuRock said... [Reply]

@Mr Saturday
thanks mate. of courseit doesnt mean that i wont be doing an odd blunder guy or an iron daemon every now and then; but my main effort will be on the guys from now on.

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