Friday, November 9

Rebasing of Bull Centaurs

Since the release of Forge World's Bull Centaur Renders, I was unable to field my bull centaurs due to the base size change. I had my bull centaurs mounted on 50mm square bases and as you can imagine, I was less than impressed when I found out about the base size was supposed to be 75x50mm.

The only thing to do was rebasing them like I recently did for the hellcannon. I went on to purchase the bases from Fenris Games. They do an awesome job of providing plywood bases, laser-cut to the size that suit your needs. They are very friendly and take customer relations very seriously, so I can do nothing but to recommend them. Also, the discount they offered due to celebrating of their 24th year in business came very handy :)

So, plywood bases, rock formations on top of them made out of foam with some gravel dressing to here and there. Underneath, I used some fridge magnets. I was unsure about this due to the fact that all of the bull centaur minis were very bulky, metal miniatures. I doubted the attraction would be enough but it got the job done. One less thing to spend money on, right?

After getting the work done, I can say that they do look small on those bases; but not ridiculously small as I suspected them to be, thank god. Good to know considering that I have 20 more bull centaurs to paint.



Cpjiardina said... [Reply]

20 more! i need to do bases for 10 more, but man they are small lol

Paradox0n said... [Reply]

Pretty cool. These pictures help me alot for my problems with the Centaurs from Mantic

BuRock said... [Reply]

small indeed matey :(

BuRock said... [Reply]

glad to be of help mate.

Blogger said... [Reply]

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