Monday, November 12

Alternative Miniatures for Siege Giants

After I posted about the Siege Giant, Chuck from Chuck's Plog asked me if I saw any other suitable miniatures to be used as or converted to a Siege Giant. Before buying mine, I had done a thorough research on various giant miniatures. Here are the ones I remember and my comments about them. I know that Siege Giants generally don't make it into the lists these days; but I hope they will be useful for you.

Ultraforge: Big enough; but looks very primitive and not "chaosy".

Gribbly: Too nurgle for my taste.

Otherworld: Big enough. Needs much conversion work. Too much of a hassle for me.

Black Scorpion: Pirate themed

Grenadier: Possibly most fitting one with gobbos hanging around.

Excalibur: can look chaosy with the alternate head. but still too much conversion needed and kinda expensive. Very similar to the old Albion Giants line.

Mage Knight: I was looking to buy one of these actually until I saw the one I bought. Deformed and big enough and has armor plates on. You will just need to trim the ballistic weapons from it.

Elmore Masterworks: Another primitive giant.

Black Hat: Another one that could actually work. Price is decent too.

Banelegions: Very big; but more like a cyclop. Too bad that Maelstrom Games are no more :(

After listing all these, I have to tell you that you should never underestimate ForgeWorld's Siege Giant and the vanilla giant model from GW as they provide awesome base models for your own conversions.


M R Lee said... [Reply]

Well well well.. you have seen it on a few other blogs on your list mate.. so figured you should get one too. Enjoy the Liebster award! Check my blog for the details.

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