Wednesday, October 24

Monster Madness Continues: Chaos Siege Giant

Monster Madness continues with yet another big boy. This time I have a Chaos Siege Giant.

Chaos Siege Giant is one of the new monsters advertised in Tamurkhan book. Placed in the rare slot, it is often overlooked among other choices like K'daai Destroyer and Hellcannon. I am yet to field this monster in a battle; but for the sake of completeness I had to have it :)

The model is a SPAWN action figure again, named Tormentor. The moment I saw it, I knew that this would make a great chaos giant model: It was huge, mutated and looked awesome. Since it is an action figure, it had moving parts. Once I got the figure, I fixed the positions of the joints with some glue and liquid green stuff, added the extra head and chose its weapons.

Painting this took a long time due to its huge size. First, I undercoated it all black and then basecoated the skin parts with Tallarn Flesh. These steps were done with airbrush. The rest, I painted with good old brushes, except the base where I used the airbrush extensively.

I can't give a step by step guide on how I painted this one; but I'd like to write some colors I used for a guideline. The leather parts are Vallejo's Red Leather, Brown Leather and Game Color Leather. For metallics, I used Vallejo's Natural Steel, highlighted with Mithril, then white. At first, I was a little worried that this color and the skins were too similar; but after the final highlights, I was happy with the results. I even tried a simple freehand on the back of the giant in the form of a tattoo. Probably the heads are arguing who will pay for that tattoo by now :)

After I finished painting, I checked the base size of Chaos Siege Giant. I was very surprised and worried when I saw that it is expected to be mounted on a 50x75mm base. So I went on and carved a rock formation out of foam to mount it on. I prepared it in a way that the higher the rocks, the larger the base, so I earned some more space on the base. Even now, it is expanding from the base as you can see from the photos.

Now, I need to read and learn the rules for it. I will also need a fallen giant template I guess. Enjoy the photos while I am busy with those. A comparison shot that will make you rub your eyes is included. The miniature in the comparison shot beside the giant is a Forgeworld's chaos dwarf infernal figure.


deeyo said... [Reply]

imho the heads are awesome but the chains shirt on knees didnt fit 8 over 10

deeyo said... [Reply]

also i like the way it looks from behind of the left foot...

M R Lee said... [Reply]

Quite surprised that it is on such a small base.. though then again it has been a while since I painted up a giant. Nice work on this though, and glad that the Airbrush is working out so well for you now! Cheers

BuRock said... [Reply]

finally back from holiday...

i'll let MacFarlane know matey :)

thanks man. it is kinda huge so i couldn't take nice enough photos. you should see it yourself some time.

@M R Lee
i know, right... once i read about the base size on chaos dwarfs wiki, i was sure that it wouldn't fit on that base; but in the end i made it work i guess. Also very glad that i am making the airbrush work for my needs even though i am just a newbie when it comes to airbrushing.

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