Wednesday, January 4

Onward Into Battle: First Game with the Chaos Dwarfs

Last month, I was visiting my good friend, Mr. Lee, to celebrate his birthday in İstanbul. We had the most pleasant weekend, spending all our time painting, drinking and playing games. He had a copy of Tamurkhan book by the way, so we also spent some time to explore it and exchange ideas about the tainted stunties.

So, since I had 9 miniatures ready and "da Book", we thought, hey, why don't we play a game with the Chaos Dwarfs. Minutes later, we were preparing our rosters. In that 1500pts game, I played the Chaos Dwarfs and Mr. Lee summoned his filthy goblin horde and we were ready.

Although my mate had more than enough terrain for Infinity, which we generally play, he had next to nothing to be used as fantasy terrain. Hence, we had to use pieces of paper for forests, a book for a hill, even a dreadnaught for an idol. That's what I call determination, heh...

So, we were rolling the dice once again, but this time, to see the chaos dwarfs in action. For the first time in 8th edition. If you want to see how they performed, please see the battle report on Mr. Lee's blog. Yes, I am doing this for him to have some visitors. Poor guy needs it :)


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