Monday, January 9

New Recruits: A Unit Filler and Some More

After a sub-optimal painting weekend, here I am, with a few more models for my Chaos Dwarfs army. I painted some more infantries to make up a few more ranks, so nothing new there, except the very first unit filler.

Educated eyes would have already recognized the bits used i believe. Most of them are from Mantic's again; but there are some bits from Games Workshop products too, like Marauder flail, Chaos Spawn bits, etc... The base is 40mm square so, this one will occupy 4 models' places, which i think the best size for a unit filler. Like before, the base is built from balsa and painted by myself.

This conversion idea was in my mind since the first time i saw the Mantic sprues, though I suspected that I'd need to storm through my girlfriend's ornaments box to make it happen, say, for chains and stuff. That plan was deemed unnecessary when I saw the flails of the Marauders box. When I asked my good fella, Mr. Lee, about the looks of it during the WiP stage, he suggested me that the doggies need to look more "chaosy". Hence, I added the spawn bits to make it happen.

There are a few more photos, to show the other regular infantries I managed to finish. My Chaos Dwarfs army is growing slowly, and sooner rather than later, their skills will be put to test. With many proxigors of course...


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