Monday, January 16

War Machines Rock!

All wargamer would know that, although painting infantries is fun at the start to try out new color schemes and stuff, it can quickly get boring after you manage to get a sizeable unit ready. Well, that's what's happened here on my side and I went for a change ::drumroll:: A WAR MACHINE!

Big surprise, eh? A dwarf army and a war machine... Well, let me just say that I have more under my sleeve and I'll share them with you soon; but for now, yes, it's a war machine.

This one is from Mantic Games again, the one which they call Katsuchan Rocket Launcher; but I'll be using it as a Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher in my Chaos Dwarf army. First, let me talk about the model a little.

Like all of Mantic's Abyssal Dwarfs line, these miniatures are also hybrid ones. So, you'll be doing conversion work again. The crew miniatures are built using the "normal" dwarf crew miniatures, with adding chaosy headwear to them. Also, there are only two crew miniatures per war machine, so I needed to use one of the infantries from the army box to make it three. But don't worry, apart from the body, there are enough bits to make a third crew miniature.

The war machine itself is a little more different in origin. The chassis is from the Balefire Catapult of Mantic's Undead line, with metal conversion bits again. This time I have no complaints though, since the bits really make the war machine look different than what it was and cool at the same time. Also, the bits fit very well to where they are supposed to go. Decent job Mantic, ::cough:: this time...

The painting stage of the miniatures was very easy. I used the very same color scheme with the rest of my army mostly. I kinda regret that there were wooden parts on the war machine though. I would have preferred to have an all-metal one which would be more fitting for a Chaos Dwarf force; but in the end, meh is all I can say.

When building the base, I wanted to have all the miniatures to be able to sit comfortably on it. Now when I look at it, I think I went extreme there, with the base is about 90mm square, oops... :) Not entirely happy with it and will definitely try and make it smaller when I build the second one.

Just for the sake of completeness, I'd like to make a note that there are also three more infantries finished, to increase the size of the infantries to 24. Decent size to be fielded in small games, so I have no complaints there either.

So, all and all, I have my very first war machine ready to serve Hashut's will. And it rocks, as in rock-it launcher. And yes, I can do word jokes in English too. Or so I think... Anyways, have some photos here:


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