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Infinity Battle Report - A Few Good Men Part 3

This post will be the third and the last part of the battle report between Ariadna vs Nomads. In case you missed the previous posts, you can read them here: Part1, Part2.


My advance is hampered by Suppression Fire
I had 5 regular, 1 irregular and 1 lieutenant order at the start of this turn. 

I moved to set up the Antipode assault. Since they were affected by the Chain Rifle shot the previous turn, they had lost their camouflage; but since they were out of enemy's LoF, they used their irregular order to camouflage themselves again.

With the first regular order, Antipode Controller tried to smoke the area to cover Antipodes' advance. She botched it and the grenade landed on the building nearby. I ordered her to try that again and this time she succeeded. Smoke is considered to be dispersed once the player turn ends.

Antipode Controller obscures the
area for the Antipodes to advance
Antipodes used up another order to perform Cautious Movement through the obscured area towards the rightmost building. They were in a decent position now; but I wanted them to advance further so I let them rush to the enemy by spending one more order. However, their movement was in a Moderator's LoF, who managed to pass the discover roll to render one of the Antipodes visible again.

With my fifth and last order, I ordered the Veteran Kazak to fall back and take cover deeper behind the silo to put some distance between him and the advancing Morlock.

Antipodes are after Reverend Moira
Burak: I must say I've never used smoke grenades this extensively before. Even though I spent a couple orders for that, smoking the area allowed me to block the Suppression Fire zone and Morlock's LoF. Taking advantage of that, I managed to advance with the Antipodes to a point that they would threaten Reverend Moira. Also, I moved the Antipodes in such a way that once it is Alkım's turn, they will have LoF to the Morlock. This will provide the Antipodes an ARO chance during Morlock's impetuous order. I will use it to close in on Reverend Moira.

Alkım: Smoke grenades prevented me from AROing effectively. Antipodes are too close; but I think I can take them down with the Moderators.


Morlock is closing in on
Veteran Kazak through the smoke
With his impetuous order, Morlock had to run towards the silo. Veteran Kazak was hiding behind it. Witnessing Morlock's movement, the Antipodes ARO-moved and continued their advance towards the Reverend Moira.

Morlock decided to use his own irregular order to throw a smoke grenade in a fashion that it would cover Vetern Kazak as well as himself. Antipode Controller failed to kill the Morlock with her ARO; but Antipodes used their chance again to move again. This move took them a leap distance from Reverend Moira.

By spending 2 more orders, Morlock came into base contact with Veteran Kazak. In order to perform a Close Combat (CC) attack, the model must move to base contact with the enemy. Then and only then it can issue a CC order. Morlock was counting on his extraordinary CC value (17) and his Martial Arts Lvl2 ability. He was superior to Veteran Kazak in CC; but he failed the CC roll by rolling 18 and Veteran Kazak killed him.

Burak: Yet another lucky moment for me... Alkım did everything right; but after he failed the CC roll everything went down the drain. Actually, there was something we played wrong here. The details are at the end of the report...

Alkım: Some things must start being damned by now...

Moderators' pilgrimage
Next orders were spent by Moderators. They decided to come out of the building they were in and tried to cross the entire battlefield horizontally with an attempt to save the Reverend Moira from the Antipode assault.

The Moderators entered inside the LoF of one of the Line Kazaks on the way and tried to shoot him down. Alkım managed to score hits with all of his 5 burst; but I managed to nullify 3 of them with my dodge roll and passed the ARM rolls for the remaining 2 hits. After this scare, the Line Kazak decided that it was enough for him and took cover deeper in the building. Antipodes were also quick to declare their ARO to Moderators' pilgrimage. They ARO-moved again to leap down on Reverend Moira and got into base contact with her.

Linked team used their last order to get in base contact with one of the Antipodes who had ganged up on Reverend Moira. In CC, every model who is involved in CC provides a +3 bonus. Since the Moderators had 4 models in base contact, their CC value was boosted to 25 thanks to the +12 bonus. When the number needed to roll exceeds 20, it is considered to be an auto-success but it also increases the critical success range. Here, there needed roll was 25, so the critical range must be a 5 point margin, which is 16-20. Alkım rolled 14 for CC roll. A success, but not a critical one. Since the CC is not the Moderators' best use, Antipode succeeded at an easy ARM save and survived.

Burak: This was the biggest CC I've ever seen in a game of Infinity. There were 8 models in the same CC! It took some time to read and interpret the rules and calculate the numbers we needed to roll; but in the end we managed to play the CC more or less the correct way.

Alkım: Sometimes things just don't go your way. I underestimated the Antipodes and tried to close in on the Veteran Kazak with Morlock. After failing that, I tried to bring down the Antipodes with the Moderators. I think they were both correct moves but I should have executed them in reverse order. Moderators should have acted first and tried to bring down at least one of the Antipodes. I made the last moves now and just hope that Reverend Moira survives...


Order count: 5 regular, 1 lieutenant, 1 irregular.

First thing I did was to attack the Reverend Moira with Antipodes. According to the CC rules, 3 Antipodes had a juicy +9 bonus vs Reverend Moira whereas the linked leader had an +15 bonus against the Antipode he was in base contact with. In the end, it turned out to be as expected: Antipodes ate up Reverend Moira, losing one of their kind in the process. They managed to make the "go bananas" roll though and stayed under my command. After this CC, Nomad force was in Retreat since they had lost %60 of their starting points.

Burak: Finally! Killing Reverend Moira was the only thing I was after. Killing her was important by itself; but it meant more because losing her put the Nomad force in Retreat situation.

Relieved, I used my remaining orders to hide my models, ordering the Line Kazaks to go prone and covering the Antipodes in smoke again.


Once a force loses 60% of its starting points, it goes in Retreat situation. In this case, all the models must perform an impetuous move towards their deployment zone. Also, the linked teams are broken and lieutenant order is no more. As a result of the Retreat situation, Alkım had to make 5 impetuous order and after that he would have 5 regular orders.

Alkım spent his impetuous moves with a Coordinated Order, in hopes to minimize the AROs from the surviving Antipodes. This time, things go his way and he managed to get rid of the Antipodes.

Paramedic Moderator tried to climb to the building where the unconscious Sin-Eater was lying; but his physical abilities let him down. Yes, in Infinity, there are troops who have paramedic and doctor qualities. Such troops have the ability to stabilize unconscious troops. There are also engineers, who can "heal" the machines more or less the same way.


After a very brief Nomad turn due to Retreat and lesser number of models, Veteran Kazak put an end to the by taking down one Moderator a time.

Veteran Kazak is having a field day
Alkım: I think both players used their troops according to their initial plan. Morlocks and Antipodes reached to the enemy to distract them. Hard hitters played their roles or died trying. I think I lost the game on second turn by overlooking Antipodes' AROs and letting them too close to Reverend Moira.

Burak: During deployment, Alkım had a huge advantage by placing Sin-Eater to eagle's nestand pinned most of my troops to their spots. Because of that threat, I couldn't move Veteran Kazak and Antipodes. When I lost TankHunter, I thought the game was over for me; but after that incident, my luck turned. Veteran Kazak's critical hit on the Sin-Eater and my overly successful dodge/ARM rolls kept my troops alive. After Sin-Eater was down, my only aim was to get the Antipodes to Reverend Moira. Thanks to the ARO-moves, they managed to get there and did their job.

Man of The Match: Veteran Kazak really shined here. He just didn't die, saving hits one after another. He also took down Sin-Eater with a crit and a Morlock in CC before shooting down Moderators to finish the game.

After the game's over, we noticed that we made some mistakes during the game. The most dire of those happened during Veteran Kazak vs Morlock combat. Alkım declared that Morlock's CC was 17; but we found out that it is 18 which means he had scored a crit on Veteran Kazak in that CC. Probably he forgot to check his ability scores among all that smoke, otherwise he would have slain Veteran Kazak and put me in retreat instead.

It was a very tiring game for us. We had to take notes and shoot photos regularly during the game in order to remember the game afterwards. A big congratz goes to Alkım, who pulled all the notes together to form this battle report. I hope you enjoyed reading it...


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