Wednesday, January 9

Giant Vulture Sneak Peek

Most of the miniatures for my new army is yet to arrive and I was getting a little too impatient, so I decided to start working on what I have at hand. This vulture is actually a toy as you can probably tell from the photos. They are manufactured by Bullyland, a German company with a massive toy animal range. Luckily, I managed to find a local retailer, so this one is the very first piece of my new army to arrive.

I think the photos will not give you much info about the size of the toy, so I'd like to talk about it a little. Although the vulture is not much bigger than a Bretonnian pegasus in width and height, its wingspan is considerably bigger than a pegasus', extending to a massive 16cms (6,4"). Thank god I will not be bothered with ranking them up :)

The toy is made of plastic; but not of hard plastic like the "normal" wargaming figures are made of. The soft nature of the material made me struggle a lot when cleaning the mould lines and the writing marks. Thankfully, most of the parts I needed to clean are underneath the wings and feathers. It comes prepainted; but of course, I gave it a proper paint job. It took 15-20 mins for me to paint this one. A big thanks should go to my airbrush here.

So, that's a wrap. While this vulture keeps waiting for its rider to arrive, I'll get through the remaining couple of vultures waiting on my desk and probably will do their bases in the process. Enjoy the photos...


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