Monday, December 24

New Ways to Decimate the Enemy: Blunderbussers

I'm back with some more Chaos Dwarfs goodies, and a what a special bunch of minis they are. Blunderbussers are one of the iconic troops of Chaos Dwarfs, dating back to very the old days. They are named after the handgun they use: Hailshot Blunderbuss.

Blunderbuss is a short range rifle that shoots fiery sharapnels to the enemy to decimate them into a pile of ash. Develeped to deal with the greenskin rebellions, they are horribly effective against hordes. In the Legion of Azgorh army list, it is possible to hand blunderbusses to the infernal guards. Upgrading the troops with these costs the CD general and arm and leg pointswise with questionable benefits. Although generally they don't appear on many army lists, I had to have some. Because they are blunderbussers :)

So, what are the models? There are two different manufacturers' minis you see here: Mantic and Scibor, surely sound familiar right? Mantic's Decimators from the Abyssal Dwarfs line look more like the classic blunderbusser, except the lack of big hats. Scibor's Strielecs however, make up for the different rifle design with the big hats and braided beards. In my opinion, they are both decent substitutes for GW's OOP blunderbussers, which would cost you a small fortune to get these days.

Here are some photos of the mixed regiment and some comparison shots between Mantic and Scibor minis, enjoy...


M R Lee said... [Reply]

So.. I expect to see them in future games against my Goblins then huh? Looking good though. Glad that they rank up nicely compared with the different company models being thrown together.

BuRock said... [Reply]

@M R Lee
actually i dont know how often i ll be fielding them matey. think of them like the slayers of the 'nilla dwarfs. you have to have them but rarely use them. but if that's a challenge... ;)

seeing them rank up nicely also made my day. will se what happens when the regiment grows more.

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