Friday, December 28

2012 Review and New Year Resolutions

One of my tourney armies
on the display board
Recently, while we were hanging out with Mr.Lee, when he came up with the idea that he will write a post about hat he painted throughout the year. I immediately thought that it was a good idea and since the world has no intention to end anytime soon, i think it is time to write my tally, followed by my new year resolutions.

2012 was the year of Chaos Dwarfs for me. I made my first purchase at the very end of 2011 and within a year, I managed to collect and paint a sizeable army. Although my painting speed was not at what I'd have liked to be, I have no complaints about the overall theme and the way my army looks. 'Nuff said, 'ere is the tally. Will leave the photos as links, otherwise the post will be unreadable:

Sorcerer-Prophet on Great Taurus

Dark Castellan BSB
Dark Castellan

51 Infernal Guards
10 Fireglaives
9 Blunderbussers
2 Chaos Dwarf Unit Fillers
25 Hobgoblins

8 Bull Centaur Renders
6 K'daai Fireborns 

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher
K'daai Destroyer
Hellcannon (sold it afterward for a hefty sum) 

5 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders
Siege Giant

Display Board
Lava Pools

And the total numbers are:

Display Board & Terrain Pieces
116 infantry & cavalry (inc. the unit fillers)
5 Monsters
13 monstrous creatures
1 War Machine

Building a Chaos Dwarf army helped me improve myself in many ways, both as a wargamer and a hobbyist. First of all, I got to play an army other than dwarfs. OK, technically it is a Chaos Dwarf army; but although still limited, the Legion of Azgorh list offers way more variety in troops choices when compared to regular dwarfs. Guess what: Using troops other than infantry is fun. Who would have thought...? :) Also, as a wargamer, I have to mention that I continued to win every single sportsmanship award in the tournaments I participated. Yep, three times in a row now. I even named my army as Zharr Naggrund Gentlemen, heh...

This guy earned me a
Pro painter title
As a hobbyist, since I started collecting my Chaos Dwarf army, I am more familiar with miniature manufacturers. I know almost all manufacturers that produces stunties and monsters, since I regularly browse the web for new miniatures to add to my force. Currently, the miniatures in my Chaos Dwarfs army come from no less than 10 different manufacturers if not more.

One of the most important events for me this year was something that I like to brag. Yes, I am talking about that: Me, being announced as a Propainter by no other than Heresy Miniatures itself. It was pleasantly surprising for me to have this honours and really encouraged me to keep on what I was doing.

Another big news from this year was that I bought my first airbrush within this year. It's a beginner's kit that I bought following the advice from my buddy Mr. Lee. Even though I am still a n00b when it comes to using the airbrush, it already started to work its magic for me. It was especially helpful when I was painting the display board and big monsters like the Destroyer and Giant.

Chaos Dwarfs has been my second army after my vanilla dwarfs, so I guess my one of my new year resolutions will be to collect and paint a new army every year. That one sounded very bold while writing; but unless I tackle a super-horde army, I think I can get it done. I already have an idea about what will my next army be and the theme that will go with it. Just waiting a juicy end of year sale to seal the deal. Btw, birds told me that there will be a massive sale on Black Tree Design soon... :wink: :wink:

So, that was my end of year post. Hope you enjoyed it and enjoyed the year as much as I did.

Happy new year...


M R Lee said... [Reply]

Very nice read mate.. can almost believe most of it ( pro painter, still going on about that? :) ). Was glad that you got out of your comfort zone for painting and tried something new. Looking forward to the new year.. and my tally post will be up on Monday.. hopefully a good read as well ;)

hkardicali said... [Reply]

Good job and having seen your army close hand I can vouch for their beauty! Maybe it's time for some 40k action?

BuRock said... [Reply]

@M R Lee
well, believe or not, i'm a pro mate :) just go on and send the photos of your plaguebearers to andy over at Heresy Minis. I'll slip a few good words about you and get your photos published too ;)

thanks man, i appreciate it. as for the 40k comment, i already ordered another fantasy army. you ll be hearing about it very soon i hope.

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