Tuesday, October 16

Terrain Attack: Moonscape as Lava Pools

Big news: I bought an airbrush! I know, I know, you are shocked to hear that I didn't have one and that all the beauties you have seen on my blog were done with good old brush work :) Since I have my airbrush now, I thought it was time to practice on how to use it and a couple of terrains were lying around...

The idea is simple: Lava pools would be a nice touch on any chaos themed battlefield. They look even better when you play a Chaos Dwarfs army and have a vast array of fire creatures. Actually, I was planning to finish it earlier for the Artisan's Contest which was held by Chaos Dwarfs Online; but I couldn't make it. The contest was about Chaos Dwarfs themed terrain piece and I thought that it would have been a very good entry for my first contest. Next time I guess...

The craters I used here are from Citadel's Moonscape kit. At first, I was looking to buy Pegasus Hobbies' craters, due to the outrageous price of the Citadel ones; but then I noticed that our local gaming club had some of them waiting to be painted. If you like the idea of lava pools and decide to do yours, I suggest you to consider Pegasus' ones before making a purchase. It would be a decent buy with a good price.

Even though I am a n00b with the airbrush, painting these ones were fairly quick for me. I believe they didn't take more than 2 hours combined. First, I undercoated both of them black, then sprayed the craters yellow. Then did the rocky parts with Vallejo Red Leather. The places where the lava meets the rocks were gradually sprayed with Vallejo Bright Orange First and then I sprayed some blacks to the "cooled" parts. The hottest parts of the lava were done with a yellow+white mix. For finishing, I used some more blacks between the rocks before highlighting the rocks with Red Leather+white mix. Full airbrush work...

Here are some photos, enjoy...


M R Lee said... [Reply]

2 hrs???? What are you talking about 2 hrs?? pft pft for 10 minutes, after undercoating. Finish in 15 minutes.. what did you do for the other 1h45m?? JK... or am I???

Glad that you have been able to give the airbrush a proper go on a proper project. Am also happy that all the advice you were given paid out in the end! Looking forward to more work from you with it, though this is the second one to be shown with the airbrush work. Do not forget the first destroyer ;)

BuRock said... [Reply]

@M R Lee
what part of i am a n00b you didn't understand matey :)

Cpjiardina said... [Reply]


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