Wednesday, October 17

Chaos Dwarfs in Tournament

My Hellcannon
So, it was that time of the year. Our local, annual tournament took place last weekend, where I found chance to field my Chaos Dwarfs in a competitive environment. It was a 2 days tournament for 2500pts armies; but due to the rules in effect, it was possible to change the roster you played (even the army) half way into tournament. I opted to enter with Chaos Dwarfs the first day and regular Dwarfs the second.

At the end of the tourney, I was glad I played with Dwarfs on the second day; because I played against the same opponents the second day due to the rules again. Yeah, I know... But at least I changed the army I played, so the games were entirely different than the first day's games.

I won the first day with 3 wins straight. The second day didn't go that well for me where I could only manage a W-D-L: 1-1-1 and came second overall. That was only after seeing my regiments got evaporated due to the last round IF mindrazors on both of the games I could not win. Grrr...

Here is the roster I took to the tourney:
  • Sorcerer-Prophet on Great Taurus (General)
    • Enchanted Shield
    • Talisman of Preservation
    • Other Trickster's Shard
    • Dispel Scroll
    • Blood of Hashut
  • Dark Castellan (BSB)
    • Shield
    • Dawn Stone
    • Black Hammer of Hashut
  • 28x Infernal Guards (Standard, Muso)
  • 27x Infernal Guards (Standard, Muso) 
  • 6x K'daai Fireborns
  • 5x Hobgoblin Wolf Riders (Muso)
    • Bows
  • Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher
  • Hellcannon
  • K'daai Destroyer
Very low model count; but I took full advantage of the situation that I didn't face any armies that had cannons. It really helps not to lose the destroyer before it gets into battle :)

As always, the real fun began after we called it a day and went out for drinking and talked about the games and other stuff. Last thing I remember from that night, I was hushing someone who was trying to tell somethings about 40k.

I won't write about the second day since I played with Dwarfs. I will just say DAMN YOU MINDRAZOR! :)


    Tomsche said... [Reply]

    Glory to Hashut, death to our misguided kin!

    Though it is a bit sour to get mindrazored to oblivion, it's a horrible spell, and a victory overall would have been great, silver still is a fantastic result

    BuRock said... [Reply]

    glory to hashut indeed matey...

    mindrazor is outright broken indeed. especially when your opponent IFs it with 9 dice :: sigh :: :)

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