Tuesday, January 28

Highlander Cateran Sniper

This will be a quick update for my Ariadna force. Currently I'm in the middle of a huge project and this one was a breath of fresh air for me. In my opinion, this little guy is one of the coolest miniatures in Ariadna product range with that fancy scenic base and whatnot.

I tried to replicate the studio paint with this one. The only part I improvised was the boots actually as I found the original painting on the boots too much green. Most of the painting was done with airbrush, masking the finished parts with tack-it. I must say I am getting very comfortable with my new airbrush, Badger Sotar 20/20.



M R Lee said... [Reply]

Booooo where is the big project piece.. you need to get back to it!!!!

But it is a nice work mate... and am glad to see that Infinity is making a comeback in Turkey as well!

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