Thursday, January 9

Ariadna Dozer with Akrylat-Kanone

Recently, there has been some updates in ITS, Infinity Tournament System. One of the most important among them was the definition of the "specialist troops". Some missions in ITS requires specialist troops like hackers, doctors, engineers and such for certain actions. In previous ITS rules, Lieutenants, the leader of the strike team, used to be considered as a specialist troop. Well, no more... That hurts the Ariadna forces since we do NOT have any hacker in our list, our doctors can't treat flu properly and so on. That's why until now I have been counting on the lieutenant to do the crucial work.

Today's update is about an Engineer troop, a Dozer with Akrylat-Kanone. I tried to stay true to the original painting to the best of my ability, only playing with the base a little. Also I am using a new background for the photos. Let me know how you feel about that.



M R Lee said... [Reply]

Nice work, but shouldn't you be painting a massive Viking bust right about now? :) Tsk tsk mate..

BuRock said... [Reply]

@M R Lee

it s already on my desk dude. prep work on it seems to take forever... :(

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